Anthony O. Ashaye

Founder & CEO


Anthony is a graduate of Financial Economics from Birkbeck College, University of London. He started his career in managing real estate for a local government in the early 1990s, then progressed to estate development, in a regeneration program focused on building thousands of new properties but also socio-economic and community development.

He furthered his career being part of a team that introduced a new financial system to account for rent collection and moved his technology knowledge to build financial systems for several financial institutions in the City of London, including Deutsche Bank, Halifax Treasury, which he left early 2001 to pursue his interest in real estate and building people.

Anthony has since focused on real estate, building people and outreach
to Afrika: in developing Socio-Economic programmes to give the less privileged a level playing field to succeed. He is the founder of SOARising where he offers strategic direction and leads the vision of raising an underclass by providing socio-economic development through building new settlements in Afrika


He is the author of the book: The Spirit of Afrika.