Peter Olowe

Chief Information Officer


Peter is an entrepreneur, investor, and recruiter with over 14 years’ experience working in various fields.

In 2010 he was offered funding from a PLC to start up his own recruitment company in the city of London. Following this, Peter decided

to use his experience of sourcing and building teams to support other entrepreneurs and their growth plans. He has done so for various companies from large corporates, to smaller fintech firms in the U.K. and Europe.

More recently, Peter has operated as a talent & organisational development specialist, supported global social enterprises with scaling up operations globally.

An entrepreneur himself, Peter has invested in real estate and founded companies within the food, recruitment, and finance fields. He is the founder, partner and former first chairman of Cornerstone Partners, the first Angel Investor Network exclusively focused on investing in businesses owned by black founders. He currently owns and runs multi- unit franchises for one of the world’s largest restaurants.

Peter oversees the marketing and bundling of investment offerings.